The importance of color

Many studies show that colors have more impact on the brain than the words themselves. Interesting, right?

When making an advertising campaign or designing a website we must take into account. The message we want to send and the response we expect from our audience is impacted by the color choices. Remember the color must be consistent with the product or service you offer.



The color black projects strong emotions. When we use must be cautious not to overwhelm our audience. Black is related to elegance, class, power, mystery.

Black web pages are used on photography site to highlight photos and make it look more alive.



Red is associated with passion, lust, anger, courage, love, danger and warnings. The color red increases the body’s metabolism, respiration and blood pressure.

Red is advisable to highlight discount prices, although when you have the action button is a dangerous because the human beings perceive red as a warning and indirectly pauses their actions. It is better in this case to use a green color, which gives the notion of “go.”



Green represents health, active living, rebirth, peace, freedom, stability, solution to pollution and gives you the feeling to go, like a traffic light.

Green is usually used for advertising of health, money and outdoor related services or products.


 Wflowers-200602_1920hite represents purity, peace, tranquility, harmony, innocence, equality, unity, and a new beginning.

White is used as the background to emphasize text, photography, article, etc. White gives the impression harmony and cleanliness. It adds elegance to a commercial or website.



Blue invokes thenfeeling of power, freshness, immensity, freedom, spirituality, patience, honesty. Blue is used to transmit confidence and tranquility. It represents intelligence and usually is more accepted among men as it represents strength.

Do not use the blue if you want to sell a food product, as the color naturally suppresses appetite.



Yellow awakes the feelings of happiness, childhood, emotion and achievements.

Only use yellow with black if you want to give the feeling of warning, since they are often used in warning signs.



The vivid orang color, arouses energy, fun, risk, adventure. It envokes the feelings of pleasure, joy, generosity, sociability and optimism.

The color orange can be used to promote an expensive service or product which is being promoted as a accessible product.

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What makes a logo a GOOD logo

A logo is the reminder of a company or product. Therefore, the logo has to represent the company and what it wants to portray. Designers have the challenge to incorporate the company as a whole into a single graphic.

Logos need to be simple and straight to the point. It is easy to remember a logo if it is simple, rather than a well-detailed logo. A clean logo is the way to go.

The first thing I normally do before creating a logo is to look for logos I like and for logos within the industry I am working. Normally, you need to do a little research to see what you want to portray and what your competitors are using. You need to look for the logos that have longterm success. They will give you good insight and you can use it to create a great logo. In the same way, avoid cliche logos or copying a logo. You need to create your own; it needs to be entirely your creation. The research process is just to give you a little push and see what others have done and what you can come up with, not to copy.

The research also includes the target market for the specific industry. Lets say you want to promote a company that does work for elderly. You cannot use childish looking logos. You need something more conservative. Do not forget you are developing a brand and helping position it in the market. You need to immerse yourself in the brand to come up with an idea that represents the brand and what they want to communicate.

Always keep in mind that you want your logo to change as little as possible. So people can remember it and always associate it with you. An example of this is Pepsi vs Coca Cola. I am sure if I ask you right now, “whats the logo of Coca Cola and Pepsi?” You will know the answer for coca cola and not for Pepsi. Coca Cola has not change its logo since 1885. On the other hand, Pepsi has changed theirs a lot over the years, making it harder to remember.

coca cola-pepsiCreating a logo in the vector format helps you adjust your logo at anytime for any reason. If you create your logo in any other form it will be hard to change its size, you can always go smaller with an image file, but you cannot make it bigger without pixelating the image. Vectors give you flexibility due its properties. Vectors are meant to be magnified or shrink infinitely without loss of quality. Vectors keep all its information within the document’s structure.

The process for a graphic designer is simple: You get a brief, start your research, look for references, sketch on paper or a computer, whatever is easier for the designer. Then reflect if the logo says what it is supposed to, look for any imperfection, present it to the client. If it isapproved deliver it, if not, do the necessary changes.

A brief is either given by the client or made by the designer. If the designer has to come up with the brief, he/she has to ask questions to the client so the client can explain what they are looking to get out of the logo.

Also, it is important that you charge accordingly with your time and your knowledge. There is a great quote that says, ”I do not charge for what I do, I charge for what I know.”

In few words, you need to follow 5 simple steps to get an AMAZING logo.

1. Research within your industry for ideas, as well as outside logos.

2. Your logo has to be simple yet memorable.

3. Create a logo that will not “expire.”

4. Create it in vector formar.

5. Value your own work.